Blackthorn-mews-high-res-2If anyone’s going to have a handle on the next decade in design it’ll be an architect, or the head of Birmingham School of Architecture. Kevin Singh is both.

Director of The Space Studio, Kevin has also been teaching since the 1990s and seen trends come, go and die. “People now look for longevity and a sense of community”, he says, citing the city’s authentic urban spaces like Wexler, Sherborne & Ludgate Lofts as fostering loyalty.

“Quality is now taking over from quantity” with a new demand for city centre family houses and slicker specifications. This shift comes from a shocking source: “The BBC’s Changing Rooms. We all like to hate it with that £500 budget and painted MDF, but until then contemporary design really didn’t register.”

So what’s next? “Outside space is now a big priority and open-plan living
is almost the rule. The revival of the dinner party, friends bringing their own beer, getting loads of pizza in. People are more mindful of money and of having spaces that can do those kind of things. Plus smart TV and working from home; the next level is more like an office, fully data wired up”.

You heard it here first.