Fascinated from the age of 6 by nature and art, Fei Liu left China to study at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery, opening his studio on Newhall Street (found through Maguire Jackson) in 2006. He merges an oriental delicacy and asymmetry with the innovation and design the Jewellery Quarter was built on.

While certainly ‘high end’ – selling to the likes of Harrods & Selfridges – in person he is unpretentious and passionate, particularly around bespoke pieces where he and the wearer create something personal, meaningful and unique. “Jewellery should become part of the body” says Fei. That means getting to know the client: personality, skin tone, even body language. All part of his creative process.

Diamonds might well be forever, but coloured stones like lustrous blue tanzanite express individual character. And while revelling in the luxury of silver and gold, Fei is an acknowledged innovator in platinum – the hardest metal to work, with a far higher melting point – using computer aided design and incorporating extraordinary elements, such as Qing Dynasty porcelain.

He cites the ‘JQ’ as a source of enjoyment and inspiration – architecture, tradition, values, vibe – alongside the English countryside, of which Fei is an avid fan; seed heads and flower structure mix and play with strong urban lines in his work.

Even when pressed, he won’t favouritise his pieces. “They’re my babies. You don’t choose. Each has a different beauty.” He will, however, recall a proud moment when a combination of pink sapphires and gold came to life on the hand of a client. Her husband called to express his heartfelt delight: “You’ve created a ring that belongs only to my wife”.

Mission most artfully accomplished.

Fei Liu
204-206 Newhall Street
0121 233 1299