KAIZEN-FITNESS“Fitness, health, living life to the fullest and martial arts have been the cornerstones of an amazing 30 year journey.” That seems like good-enough reason for being an instructor and personal trainer, but Darryl Canham doesn’t leave it there. His passion for high performance training has led him into stunt work, fight choreography, even working with West Midlands Police to facilitate self-defence workshops for people in Birmingham city centre.

His business in the Jewellery Quarter is an established and trusted emporium of all manner of self-defence, fitness and well-being activities.

Bujutsu Academy is a high energy, super positive, dynamic martial arts school. “I describe it as a traditional progressive environment, merging the best of the traditions of martial arts and bringing them right up to date with modern training formats and critical thinking” This has no doubt, been why Darryl has been working with local law enforcement to increase levels of on-street security awareness and improve people’s self defence abilities.

Darryl is keen to point out that Birmingham is no different to any other evolving big city: “I don’t believe that the world is a dark place. 99.9% of people are wonderful. But every once in a while a dark mind will spring upon an opportunity presented to them and try to take advantage of another person in a position of vulnerability or unawareness. So, it’s good to have a few skills, extra knowledge, more confidence and proven habits that’ll keep you safe.”

In line with his strategic approach to personal security, Kaizen Fitness is a one-to-one personal training studio that takes a long-term view towards health, fitness and performance.

Darryl has been training people for nearly 25 years and by his own admission, caters for quite an exclusive market. “The majority of my clients tend to be city executives, directors and business owners. They appreciate exclusivity and that they’re not going to end up on a social media page somewhere. For me, it’s a relationship with an individual. It’s about their progression and the achievement of their personal ambitions, including better health and natural aesthetic change.”

“Successful entrepreneurs have ‘DRIVE’ built-in,” explains Darryl. “But sometimes fitness is not a core competence for them, and as careers get busier, health often takes a back seat”. With his passion for coaching, it’s not unusual that Darryl’s clients often make some radical changes. One client, the owner of a transportation company and previously fairly physically inactive, had a heavily injured shoulder and was unable to raise his hand above shoulder height. “Within 3 weeks he had full range of movement and a complete lifestyle turnaround. He bought a load of fitness equipment for home and completely changed his diet. So it’s not just training, it’s education and motivation!”

Before Bujutsu Academy and Kaizen Fitness, Darryl was a successful businessman and co-founder of Rave Communications, an advertising and marketing agency. He shifted his attention fully to fitness in 2008. “I was much more passionate about working with people, as opposed to brands. And I’ve never looked back.”

Bujutsu Academy and Kaizen Fitness
The Argent Centre
Frederick Street B1 3HS
07879 222277