Inbloom2Anni Kimberley-Harper is just back from Brum’s horticultural market, and is gushing over the Cynara (artichoke flowers) she’s seen. “An amazing bouquet for the braver bride”.

She clearly really adores flowers. She loves the walk-in trade too, but it’s weddings and ‘do’s where she, and business owner Kate Maxwell, specialise and excel. Making occasions extra special. Putting smiles on faces.

5 years ago, Maguire Jackson found In Bloom its new home in the JQ. Anni joined around the same time, spying the company van after weekending at a festival, called Bloom. She took it as a sign, called up Kate, and that was that.

It’s palpable joy all round, it’s very Jewellery Quarter and it’s bloomin’ marvellous.

In Bloom
87 Vyse Street
0121 554 443