PASSAGE-OF-TIMEBeyond its grand pillared entrance and watchful stone guardians, the Great Western Arcade hosts an elegant collision of Birmingham’s manufacturing heritage and contemporary renaissance. Under an arching glass ceiling you’ll find the city’s most condensed collection of zeitgeist-capturing retail therapy, from artisan food and full voltage fashion, to the timeless tradition of afternoon tea.

Here are the shops we covered in the centrespread of the Summer 2014 edition of BRUM magazine. You read expanded articles on each of the shops by clicking on their name.

Bread collection
Baking up a storm with some of the city’s most delicious and hand-produced artisan breads, cakes and pastries.

Liquor Store
As cutting edge as any of its London peers, with the latest denim, footwear and accessories from around the world.

Anderson & Hill
The city centre’s only deli, packed with Mediterranean foodstuffs and specialty cheeses. Opus & Purnell’s are customers.

Mr Simms
Boiled sugar in as many forms as you could imagine, it’s a one-stop shop of absolute naughtiness.

Bolongaro Trevor
If we tell you this new concept is from the creators of All Saints, you’ll know just how hot to trot the clothing is.

Victorian Restaurant
After a busy afternoon of retail exertions, what could be better than a nice cup of tea and a slice or three of cake?