PHILIP’S BLOG 07/07/2014


19 & pushing boundaries

I am sure ,probably like you ,I receive almost weekly asks to support charities made possible by individuals running marathons, half marathons, climbing mountains, jumping out of planes you name it.. but rarely does the experience of a supporter last longer than the day of the event.

Currently three Midland schooled boys ,currently in their gap year before university, are cycling unsupported across the USA in an effort to raise £30k for three great charities but are tweeting and blogging daily about their experiences. Having met them in San Francisco & helped fill them with carbs prior to setting off they are worthy of our support & following through this summer. They are hoping to complete the task by early September

Another daily smile for charity this summer are the exploits of Maggi J, the Birmingham Macmillan charity bear hoping to visit one hundred world cities . Armed with his own name cards MaggiJ ,like the cyclists ,is very good at breaking down boundaries abroad and making friends. If you want to get involved and are travelling in the coming weeks/months please do email

More Birmingham City Centre property talk in my next blog !