PHILIP’S BLOG 10/08/2014


Do you buy with your eyes or through recommendation?

So much of modern day estate agency is about ensuring the property coming for sale is presented in the very best light. Conversations with vendors regarding de-cluttering, cleaning and encouraging them to open windows to secure air flow plus to prevent stuffiness invariably take place. For individuals & families who have lived in their homes for a long time this sometimes can be difficult because they are so used to the smells & sometimes the chaos! This happens before the board goes up & hopefully before the first poTential purchaser walks through the door.

The MJ team are quite experienced in taking photographs, making sure they don’t appear in mirrors or reflective surfaces and hiding unsightly items. We also have a professional team who monthly take shots of properties we feel can be lifted further. It is these photographs that invariably end up in magazines & newspaper articles because editors and their subs are always wanting very high resolution shots, partly because they print so much better.

Certain properties can be lifted to such an extent that they drive demand to a level where some viewers in fact feel deceived upon inspection because the rooms looked larger and sometimes brighter than they are when inspected. However they are some other properties which don’t rise at all when photographed. When you think that most likely buyers make their decision within four steps of walking through the front door that ambience of cosy/cool/comfortable feeling cannot be portrayed in a photograph and sometimes it needs an agent to say ’come & look at this’ or ’I know you dismissed this property because you didn’t like the photographs but I recommended you give me ten minutes’. As a buyer do not dismiss these recommendations because your agent ,especially if you have already seen several properties with them, will often have a sixth sense of what you are really seeking.

Ambience is sometimes difficult to convey. In the past I have dealt with a vendor desperate to give the warm smell of bread who over a week baked so much he could have opened a shop! Another who burned strong incense in every room you felt as if you were in Marrakesh & one whose own presence was so overbearing ,following the potential buyers around, that we were only able to secure a buyer once they were far away on holiday!

Photographs are only part of the picture when buying.

Philip Jackson