PHILIP’S BLOG 12/11/2013



The scrutiny of the internet world inhabited by hotels , airlines & restaurants is rapidly coming into the lives of estate agents, surveyors & other property professionals. Whilst Trip Advisor & similar review sites have been part of the going out scene for some time, the demand for client reviews is now moving to another level.

Google Plus are now seeking reviews to help them measure companies as they fight to seize page one of their site. Reviews are rated higher than the testimonials left elsewhere in companies’ facebook and websites. The aim is to grade property professionals verses their competitors through the eyes of their clients.

Whether this grading by consenting individuals who have time to write reviews is good for vendors, landlords and applicants alike, I am unsure. Can the reviews be manipulated, as they famously are with restaurants? Will bigger firms be able to compete head on with the smaller firms who might offer more time to applicants but less property to offer? Presumably we all have to learn from the travel trade but I do know that, from here on, everyone buying a service will be increasingly asked to write down their thoughts on the experience they received. I can only guess that service standards overall across the industry will inevitably improve, which has to be a positive. In turn those firms setting the standards & benchmarks too must reap the benefit.

Interesting times. Good for business… or just for Google?