Bloc-3Sometimes, you’re just not gonna make it home.

This was the case for three of us last night, so we all needed a bed and I chose funky Bloc in the Jewellery Quarter. It had been recommended at a business meeting and suddenly, with a need for an overnight stay in the city, I plumped for one of Birmingham’s new design hotels.

It’s a pretty neat joint with high quality materials and fixtures. The absolute most has been made of the space in the small, perfectly formed and perfectly adequate (for a one night stay) capsule-style rooms with plenty of walnut veneer, groovy lighting and slick’n’sexy wet rooms where you take a rain shower under great water pressure in front of a bronze tinted mirror wall; tres American Hustle. There’s a nifty desk/side table next to the bed and a suitcase hideaway underneath, so you don’t have to muck up the minimalism, and there’s free wifi.  The bed is comfy and soft when you’re lying down, but when you sit on it you drop into the springs. How that’ll be a year or so down the line I do not know, but for last night I slept like a log, aided no doubt by Swedish cider at The Queens Arms, Portuguese wine and a caipirhina at Brazilian, and a mojito and New York Sour at Bank.

It was great waking up in my Superior Room (superior here means “with a window”), looking out across the rooftops of the Jewellery Quarter towards the spire of xxx church. Tip: when you check in, see if you can get a room on the third floor. I was originally offered one on the first, but asked if anything higher was available, which it was.  It really makes a difference when you look out the window at spires and sky, rather than at the people opposite looking at you. The guys on reception are fun and enthusiastic too, and always smiling.

Any gripes? Three coat hooks, but just one hanger. Not sure about that. You can ask for extra hangers but that’s a bit like having to ask for a towel. You also wouldn’t want to stay too long. One night, maybe two is the setup here.However, that’s about the only thing I’d pick on in this otherwise excellent value (I managed £39 for an advance booked Superior Room), finely crafted and rather fun place to stay.