C-C-KATFinding space to speak in Chien Kat’s schedule is no picnic; her and her husband’s cosmetic surgery is one busy place. Could it be that Brummies – seeing Birmingham get its Big City Plan urban facial – are getting the urge to shape up when they’re out on the ever-better-looking town?

“People feel they need to look good, younger and fresher”, says Chien – when have they not? – “and surgery is more affordable now, and less taboo.” But it’s the latest non-surgical and seductively cheaper treatments – botox, filler, skin peel, laser – that pack Chien’s diary. “Mothers book their daughters in for a wedding freshen up”. Hopefully the groom still recognises the bride!

“Breasts are my big thing.”

A popular perception of cosmetic surgeons is men filling the world with big boobs and tiny waists. Chien is a vocal reality check: “People think it’s frivolous surgery, but it’s not. It’s complex, technical, challenging… it transforms lives. And given that 90% of aesthetic patients are female, being a woman surgeon works”. The commonest major procedures are her specialty – “Breasts are my big thing” – but they’ve dropped off along with the economy.

The Convention Quarter is where the Kats work and live. “WE LOVE IT! Great restaurants surround us – we work stupid hours, so we don’t cook – and Brindley Place has transformed the city. We’ve got the NIA, Symphony Hall… and it’s 15 minutes walk to the centre. I don’t miss London a single bit.”

Aaaannnnd… CUT!


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